In principle, non-profit organizations have comparable statutes and organizational structures, as well as similar tasks and objectives, to profit-making enterprises. They work with full-time, part-time and voluntary staff, and operate in an intermediate area between the "social" and the "commercial".

The special features and dilemmas involved are a fundamental component of the operations of the organization as prescribed by its statutes, and are therefore inherent in its structure. As a result they can, in our experience, lead to special and increased risks.

Such risks can be identified and minimized by audits which are

  • individually customized for your association
  • in line with the specifications of your organizational statutes
  • practice-based
  • specify concrete measures for the effective correction of any weak points which are identified.

In addition we have, apart from the "standard" audits which we offer for commercial and IT operations, developed the so-called "pool concept".

This concept makes it possible – at low cost – to ensure the necessary basic auditing of large (decentrally organized) associations, in the form of on-site audits together with self-audit checklists.