Data Protection

Data Protection

Data protection is currently receiving increasing attention in specialist circles, in political discussion and in legal verdicts. Any company which does not comply fully with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can face serious damage to its image and reputation resulting from negative reporting, as well as financial loss in the form of fines and the need to make subsequent corrections.

In order to reduce these risks significantly, we can offer you services such as the following:

  • Assuming the function of a Data Protection Officer
  • Checks on compliance with the applicable data protection legislation (data protection audit)
    • Implementation of technical and organizational measures in accordance with Art. 32 EU GDPR (including security of access)
    • Checks on the measures which have been taken for ensuring compliance by employees with data protection regulations (Art. 29 GDPR)
    • Availability and correctness of the records of processing activities in accordance with Art. 30 EU GDPR
    • Compliance with data protection regulations in the outsourcing of data processing operations in accordance with Art. 28 EU GDPR (contract data processing).
  • Support for the Data Protection Officer in fulfilling the applicable tasks
    • Determining the data protection targets
    • Training and creating the right awareness among employees
    • Creation of processing records
    • Dealing with internal and external enquiries (e.g. customers, state data protection authorities) and appropriate statements on individual questions, e.g. on the treatment of emails.

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Director Commercial Auditing | Director IT-Audit
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