Our expertise in Commercial Auditing

Within the scope of commercial auditing, we audit all operational and administrative processes for compliance, security and efficiency as well as the functionality of the internal control system.

We can support the optimization of your core processes during projects and supervise compliance by means of continuous audits.

Based upon audit maps for the individual areas of operations/audit fields that we have developed (see Marketing as an example), we conduct audits in all commercial functions, such as, for example:

  • Finance and Accounting
    • Debtor/creditor management including claim management
    • Bank and fixed asset accounting
    • Handling of payments
    • Cash management including liquidity planning
    • Invoice control
    • Invoicing
    • Other areas.
  • Purchasing
    • Procurement process (from the determination of requirements, specification and sourcing to tender, order placement and contracting)
    • Maintenance of article and master file data
    • Conditions handling
    • Quality assurance
    • Sample handling and administration
    • Other areas.
  • Logistics
    • Merchandise planning
    • Order processing
    • Transport including vehicle pool
    • Warehouse security
    • Inventory record-keeping and evaluation
    • Recycling
    • Inventory
    • Other areas.
  • Human Resource Management
    • Wage and salary accounting
    • Recruitment and personnel development
    • Personnel master data
    • Personnel file management
    • Working time accounts
    • Travel expenses
    • Other areas.
  • Marketing/Advertising
    • Management of marketing activities/market research
    • Budget process/budget monitoring
    • Purchasing (marketing mix: TV, print, radio, internet, posters, etc.)
    • Efficiency control
    • Invoice control
    • Other areas.
  • Additional audit fields
    • Facility management
    • Import/export
    • Sales/distribution.

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