Financial Audit

In cooperation with colleagues from the DIIR working group "Audit of Finance and Accounting", our Managing Director Sami Abbas has revised and updated the fourth edition of the "Revision des Finanzwesens" guide.

Below is an excerpt from the contents of the book:

One of the central tasks of the internal audit department is to audit measures to raise and repay funds from the perspective of adequacy, effectiveness, security and regularity. Economic efficiency must also be considered when designing the payment, information, control and security relationships between companies and investors - since funds are to be obtained as cheaply as possible and liquid funds are to be invested optimally.

This volume gives you a quick, condensed overview of

  • essential financing instruments in a company,
  • relevant audit fields of finance,
  • critical risks that become important from an auditing point of view.

Practical examination guidelines on financial planning, financing, cash management, payment transactions and payment security support you in the targeted implementation.





Revision des Finanzwesens – Prüfungsleitfaden für die Revisionspraxis